To uncover how the slow metamorphosis of language takes place, the curator Rawan Serhan invited six artists in 2015 to participate in an artistic experiment aiming to discover some of the secrets behind language.

The participating artists in the first edition were: Marco Pando, Nadine Hattom, Roberto Abuin, Lisa Premke, Rawan Serhan, Joe hornby and Eduardo Suarez.

Languitecture I was inspired by anthropology, philology and linguistics, aiming to naturally connect to a broad audience because communication and reinvention of culture is a prevailing and current issue. The project builds on the notion of art as a language of images and rhythms, and the authors are driven by the curiosity to witness an accelerated evolving layering of languages, cultures and media develop into space. From sculptures, sound installations, dance, visual art and more, the project seeks to explore how different cultures might battle, influence, connect or align using a fundamental and universal element of culture: language.

The project was supported by Arts Council England, AFAC, British Library-International Translation Day, EUNIC (The European Union National Institutes for Culture), Cervantes London, Kings College London, Arti et Amicitiae, Creative Multilingualism and others.