Foundation 4Languitecture is a non-profit, and collaborative interdisciplinary practice founded in the Natherlands in 2021 by Rawan Serhan together with the projects of

The goal of the foundation is to realize more inclusive and diverse art & design projects based on three core themes: language, intermediality and trans-culturation.

In every Languitecture project, each work will go through a series of iterations through a communication process based on the game ‘Broken Telephone’. Throughout the iteration process, visual and auditory construction and deconstruction of work (messages) will be constantly registered.
Following the practical philosophy approach in acquiring knowledge, we build works in order to develop an investigatory and problem solving approach that enhances the process of successfully engaging more diverse groups of people in the design of spaces.

The core of the project lies within three spheres of interaction;

Firstly: the interaction between each designer and their individual work within context.
Secondly: the dialogue amongst the practitioners themselves.
Thirdly: the interaction between the practitioners and the youth from the schools during the organized educational workshops.

Our collaborative working methodology is developed by Rawan Serhan in reflection to the morale of ‘Broken Telephone’ and the tale ‘Elephant in the Dark’.

Through the support of social organizations, the Languitecture practitioners will be working with young people as a way to enhance social engagement in the making of public and private space.